Alzheimer’s and Safety

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease often need help to create a safer living environment. There are many potential dangers of which caretakers should be aware. When a person has Alzheimer’s disease they can become forgetful or confused and therefore need a little extra help to stay healthy and well.

If you are taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you should help to keep the house tidy and in good order. You do not want too many things left sitting out on the floor. Your family member has the risk of falling. They might not always be as aware of items lying on the floor when they walk around the house.

Unfortunately, people with more advanced Alzheimer’s often start to forget how to use everyday household items. Some of these items can be dangerous and should therefore be kept out of reach of the individual. For example, someone with Alzheimer’s disease might forget how to use a knife. They might no longer be aware of the dangers of using a knife improperly.

A common danger for people with Alzheimer’s is the kitchen stove. An individual with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can become confused when cooking. For instance, he or she might turn the oven up too high. Sometimes people will forget how to cook the meal they are trying to prepare. They might even forget to turn off the stove. You might want to make sure that meals are prepared for any friend’s or family members with Alzheimer’s. If a person is trying to cook on his or her own and not handling the task well, caregivers will need to keep a watchful eye to ensure the person is not using the stove.

People with Alzheimer’s might also reach a point when they need help taking their medications. You can help to make certain that he or she is taking all his or her medicine. Although someone with Alzheimer’s might set out to take the medication as prescribed, he or she might sometimes forget to take his or her medicine or become confused as to the dosages and times to take the medicines. When your loved one reaches this point, it is time to set up a schedule to ensure that someone helps to distribute their medicine throughout the day.

If you have a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, time might come when you need to keep any potentially hazardous household items in locked cabinets. You can purchase cabinet locks for this purpose. This will help you to make certain your loved one does not accidentally ingest a hazardous household item.

When caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, it is important to help them maintain as much independence as possible. Some of the above steps might not be necessary until the disease progresses. You always want to provide your family member with as much love and support as possible. It is also necessary to watch out for signs of dangers in order to take the measures to keep your loved one safe.